Opportunity Houston 2.0 – PRSA Houston Event Recap


Yesterday, PRSA Houston led a luncheon at the Houston Racquet Club where Drayton McLane Jr., chairman of the McLane Group and former owner of the Houston Astros, spoke about Opportunity Houston 2.0.

Opportunity Houston 2.0 is a 6-year marketing/fundraising initiative focused on lead generation for economic development organizations in Houston.

Its predecessor raised $40 million and created more than 600,000 local jobs.

McLane was an engaging speaker; funny and energetic. He spoke about improving Houston’s growth and external image.

Turning Points

McLane addressed the turning point that exists when big ideas surface. In the early 20th century, Houston was not as big or populated as it is today. Believe it or not, Galveston was the biggest city in Texas and still might be if not for two movements towards Houston’s expansion:

Houston is attractive because it provides opportunity: new jobs and a promising place to live. According to McLane’s research, today’s youth look for a place to live, then find a job. Millennials are interested in a city that fits their lifestyle and interests such as outdoor activities, nightlife, restaurants and attractions. This is a shift from before when people would first find a job within their industry and then willingly relocate, without truly evaluating the city itself.


City Image

Opportunity Houston 2.0 has implemented programs to develop the city as a whole with these areas of focus:

  1. Better communication in the realm of work-force development
  2. Creating / attracting educated people to run businesses
  3. Improving Houston’s image, nationally and internationally

Amongst internal and external perceptions of Houston, there are some hiccups (weather and traffic) every Houstonian is familiar with. But contrast those with a thriving job market and economy coupled with a vibrant nightlife, there’s no reason not to love Houston!