26 Replies to “Quitting a job by way of White Board? Child’s play.”

  1. Early in my interview process at Schipul, someone commented "you might just be crazy enough to work here." Yeah. That happened.

  2. Pure Schipul gold! (Showed my husband just now, who suggests that you NOT wear a skirt to work more often, Ben. He prefers a less hirsute cheerleader….)

  3. Ugh. The CEO didn't USED TO wear Affliction. Something happened, and I'm not to blame!

      1. I was going to refute this, but then I remembered that I was totally on the "encouraging him to wear affliction" team.

  4. Well done, Team Schipul. I had head you were insanely busy with new work and all kinds of cool upgrades to Tendenci but now I am wondering. Michelle LeBlanc

  5. This is freaking awesome. Ben, you looking might fine in that skirt. Working on your legs huh? lol

    1. Aimee, you know you're welcome any time!! Houston misses you!

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