Reporting Data Warehouse Data Loss

Between December 20th and
January 4th, with some variation, many of our Tendenci clients lost
some reporting data.  Specifically what
is known as “eventlog” data was not migrated correctly
to the data warehouse tables. Because this is an ongoing script it can not be
recovered from daily backups. So the specific reporting data for that date range
is non recoverable.

This is a bad thing. First and
foremost we apologize to our clients.

The only good news is that eventlog data is redundant with the actual web site log
files. Eventlogs are simply an easier way to view the information and definitely
one advantage of Tendenci. In this case the redundancy is good as all log files
are available with no loss. Yes inconvenient, but we do have access to all
records of activity for that time period.

If you are a premium client using
our statistics server, you can view your information there. If you are using
Google Analytics all of that data will be fine.

Again, we apologize and please do
contact us at (281) 497-6567 for non
billable assistance if there is reporting needs for that specific period of
time we can assist with.

The Schipul