To Sakowitz We Go…With Kris Kristofferson

The Schipuites (just Ed, really) recently bid on a puppet from The Bloggess on Ebay.

His name is Kristopher Kristofferson. He is weird. He is furry. But we love him (?) and needed him cleaned…and to stop shedding. So we took him to the only place we could think of: Sakowitz Furs, baby!

Empirical  evidence suggests that when you walk into a top-of-the-line establishment with a disheveled hand puppet, a three-step reaction process is inevitable:

Step 1: Confusion

Step 2: Acceptance

Step 3: Excitement

The Sakowitz staff was amazingly accommodating!

As they said, “it’s a hand puppet, so it needs to be hand cleaned.”  When you really think about it (which you probably shouldn’t) it’s great to know that a friendly, professional staff is available to help care for your beloved fur puppets.   This will undoubtedly help all of you sleep better at night.  Check out more reactions from the Sakowitz staff and innocent bystanders on Flickr and Facebook.

*No bunnies were harmed during this visit…or the making of this blog post.

4 Replies to “To Sakowitz We Go…With Kris Kristofferson”

  1. When that man woke up Wednesday morning, he had no idea how great his day was going to be thanks to Kris. Hilarious!

  2. Well… I may have eaten a bunny while we were in the parking lot.

  3. Weird, I have that 3 step process daily about most things at Schipul — including Kris Kristofferson 🙂 Except… still waiting on #3. Don't bite me Kris.


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