3 Replies to “Schipul Book Club: Groundswell”

  1. Great post Caitlin! This is such an amazing book with such actionable brain candy – I love the renewed focus on strategic planning for companies using Social Media tools.

    So much potential! So many ways to grow! Thanks for the rock solid summary, lady.

  2. I just finished Groundswell as well. I’m interested in whether and how your team is using the Technographics data that’s available at http://www.forrester.com/Groundswell/profile_tool.html. Seems to me that this data is so basic that it really isn’t actionable. It needs a few additional screens such as industry, hobbies, interests — something to provide a sense of what the target cares about. Does your team use this data in its planning and, if so, how?

  3. You’re right, this data is extremely general. As far as how we use it when working on a project, the social technographics tool is a starting point to get us thinking about a new way to analyze a target audience.

    We define an audience more specifically than “x demographics with y interests”… we also think about an audience in terms of their online behavior as another dimension. While what Forrester provides gives some general information (the differences between men and women, younger and older generations, etc.), we try to think of it as a beginning, and verify the specifics for ourselves!

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