Schipul Book Club: Win The Giving Tree + a Moleskine of Your Very Own

giving-tree“Once there was a tree…and she loved a little boy”

It’s that time again! Every month we give away a copy of one of our favorite Schipul books and since Schipulites LOVE Storytelling, that is this month’s theme!

What better book to Demonstrate “Story” than the Shel Silverstein classic The Giving Tree? Using very simple writing and line drawings, Silverstein proves a little can go a very long way in telling a powerful tale. We’ve got a copy with your name on it.**

Can’t wait? You can also watch an animated version of the book narrated by Silverstein himself!!

We’ve got a double whammy for you this month so that’s not all!!

Long before the netbook became the new notebook, legendary artists such as Van Gogh and Hemingway used the real deal made by French booksellers to capture their ideas and jot notes. These little books were called Moleskine’s. The last French bookseller that sold Moleskine’s closed it’s doors in 1986 but the little books and the genius they inspired was not gone forever!

In 1998 a tiny Milanese bookseller brought the books back and as happykatie so elqouently puts it “happiness is a fresh Moleskine” so we think you need one of your very own! Use it to draw your own pictures and flex those storytelling muscles!! Practice makes perfect right?

So how do you get your Giving Tree and your Moleskine? Comment below!! What organization do you think is awesome at telling its story? It can be anyone from the pizza place down your street to the biggest cell phone company. We want to know!

We’ll be picking winner this Friday (the 29th) at 3 pm so follow us on twitter to get the announcement!

**Oh and a word to the wise: If Hallmark Cards make you cry, you may want to read The Giving Tree behind closed doors. Especially if you’ve never read it before…. I know I’m a cheese ball but I tear up every time!

14 Replies to “Schipul Book Club: Win The Giving Tree + a Moleskine of Your Very Own”

  1. I am going to go with Kellogg's Pop-Tarts…and it is not because they are in my Top 5 essential food groups and I have an actual Pop-Tart holder for "roadie" Pop-Tarts.

    Let me explain:

    1. The name came from one of the most decorated artists of the time, Andy Warhol and his Pop-Art…brilliant.
    2. Pop-Tarts have marketed themselves in such a way, that when consuming…I feel like a cartoon character. That's rare…well, not really.
    3. How many stories have you heard beginning with…."Dude, this morning I was toasting a pop-tart and…" Usually it ends in a fire, but it's still a story.
    4. Pop-Tarts are designed almost like an artists' canvas. You can have frosting with hot wheels, American Idol, NFL teams, my little pony…the list goes on. I am also willing to bet you can eat a pop-tart with your face on it…disguised as a ninja.
    5. All I'm really trying to say is Pop-Tarts have never done me wrong. Granted, I don't think Pop-Tarts are exactly an organization and I my chances of winning a Moleskine are about negative 1%….but I was finally able to write about my beloved Pop-Tarts, and goddamit it feels good.


  2. I like a local business that grew up around the idea of people networking with their friends and acquaintances – sort of how social media is impacting the marketplace today. This woman's story begins as she searches out a way to lose some weight – she hooks up with a trainer, which many of us have done, and then starts to invite her friends, which many of us have done also, (until they would no longer speak to us for torturing them so). But this woman's friends are true friends who like to see women succeed and be empowered. One thing led to another and she eventually began a partnership with her trainer. They took this new business online under the name Love Your Body Fitness. Now they have published a book and conduct tons of on-going boot camp classes – they have trained over 600 women in just 4 years! Check them out at

  3. I’m going with mircosoft, saw that pirates if silicon valley movie and it makes bill gates look like a bamf or stealing and cheating his way to the top. Go nerds!

  4. I have to go with Starbucks – ok, maybe it's because I used to work there but I've never been inundated with so much information about a company until I started googling them and following them on twitter and reading other people's opinions. People may not be a fan of their coffee, or of there being a Starbucks on every corner but I've never been involved with a company that actually cared about getting their history out there. Kinda makes me want to go back to work there! lol

  5. Zappos is my pick. They have used Twitter so well to provide a real, honest view of the company, their employees and their inner workings.

    Yep. I pick Zappos.

    1. YAY AMIE!!! You are this month's Schipul Book Club winner!!! 🙂 We'll be in touch to snag your mailing deets and send off a shiny new Moleskine and copy of The Giving Tree to you!!

  6. Maybe I'm a little biased because I'm part of this organization, but I have to say The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training is great at story telling. I can't tell you how many people I have encountered over the years through this organization that have told the most amazing stories. Whether they are participants that tell about their training & events & what led them to join, to cancer survivors & current patients telling how TNT & LLS have changed their lives. They all give me chills &/or bring a tear (ok… several tears) to my eye & constantly remind me why I continue to volunteer with this organization & raise money for cancer research year & year.

  7. I love Houston's public radio station KUHF. They use Twitter and Facebook to keep all fans informed on news and events. And I have to say that Methodist does a great job too. 🙂

  8. Hey everyone! I’m back from New Jersey, and fully got the website up to date, and I even finished screenshotting all the catalogs I still needed to do! So starting tomorrow, I’ll be working on that. I hope to be done with all the catalogs by the end of July, although I have nearly 300 MB of catalog pictures to upload…..

    Anyway, we updated a ton of pages. They Club Penguin fansite include the following lists/guides: Club Penguin Event Log, Item List, and the Dance/Wave/Sit List

    And the following pages: Servers, Elite Penguin Force, (with a new video) Issue 194, Club Penguin Blog, Desktop Backgrounds, Website Banners, and 101 Days of Fun. Enjoy!

  9. Hello, artificial artificial, specially from the major news corperations with the big slants to the left or right. Did you see last nights O’Rielly factor? haha, that was rediculous! Sorry, I am rambling along once again. Have a Good 1!

  10. Heyyy there I wanted to stop by & say that I really like reading your blog but it’s taking a while to load up for me. I don’t have a slow internet connection either, so maybe there is just a lot of people on your blog right now lol. Anyways keep up the good work I will be back to read more later. Katie

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