Schipul Cheer ’09 Contest Winner!

Merry Christmas! Well, almost Merry Christmas. A big thanks to all of the people who entered our Schipul Cheer ’09 contest. Most entries came in via Twitter which was both awesome and huge time suck for me.

Our lucky winner was picked by our random integer counter is the victory goes to entrant number 13, aka CosmoPolitician, aka Monica Danna! So kudos to her and we really hope she enjoys her spoils.

What did she get? A slew of stuff. Some books, a few toys, maybe some free coffee. We still want her to be surprised when she gets the stuff, so details will have to come from her.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated! We had a lot of fun looking at trees – even the hand drawn ones. This certainly won’t be the last contest I run, so make sure you stick around.

Oh, and here is Monica’s tree:

Full of Christmas spirit!
Full of Christmas spirit!

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  1. woo-hoo! although, I must confess, at the time this photo was taken, the top piece was actually upside down! it was fixed, and all is right with the world of christmas! thanks, guys!

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