Schipul Cheer Gift Guide ’09’ Designers and Artsy Folks

The key to picking out a fantastic gift for a fantastic designer is to get something a little unique, a little thought out, and a little pretty. It also helps to know the personality of the designer you are purchasing for.

Some are more hipster/eco-friendly types who might appreciate organic design while others are the “I-usually-wear-black-shirts” and really like modern and minimalistic designs. Then there are those who are oddly obsessed with unicorns.

What was I talking about again? Oh right, the gift guide!


7 Replies to “Schipul Cheer Gift Guide ’09’ Designers and Artsy Folks”

    1. Of course you do, Mom. You couldn't have picked one of the items that goes for less than $225 to request? Love you!

  1. Forwarding link to my friends so they can get me ANYTHING on this list. Well, okay. I already have some of them, but even dupes would be hilariously awesome! Win!

    Except – now I am totally stumped over what size to order the Golden Mean T-shirt. Must fit body in perfect proportion. Do they have a special sizing chart? Oh geez… mild design panic.

  2. Wow! All you above posters are such dorks 😉 Originally I thought this list would be lame since it was coming from Brandi, but it's actually pretty true/cool. Now, if only there were some pillows with the elements from the periodic table…Pt (platinum) being MY favorite.

    1. Love you too Jerri!
      You should make your own throw pillows using the periodic table and sell them. Youll become super rich Im sure.

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