Schipul Cheer Gift Guide ’09 – Designers and Artsy Folks

The key to picking out a fantastic gift for a fantastic designer is to get something a little unique, a little thought out, and a little pretty. It also helps to know the personality of the designer you are purchasing for.

Some are more hipster/eco-friendly types who might appreciate organic design while others are the “I-usually-wear-black-shirts” and really like modern and minimalistic designs. Then there are those who are oddly obsessed with unicorns.

What was I talking about again? Oh right, the gift guide!

Ratio M T-shirt:

When do I NOT feel golden? NEVER.
When do I NOT feel golden? NEVER.

Ah, yes. I remember my first official design class back in art school and having the professor pound the Golden Ratio into my head. I was lied to when they said you didn’t have to worry about math if you majored in design.
Price: $36

Type Coasters:

Only comes in Serif. Goin' old school.
Only comes in Serif. Goin' old school.

Quite frankly, almost any product purchased from and given as a gift will win you serious brownie points. These type coasters are pretty unique and look like they could do serious damage if thrown ninja-star-style at someone.
Price:  $45

Custom Painted Toys:

One of the most thoughtful gifts ever!
One of the most thoughtful gifts ever!

Creative types are interesting in that they collect toys even as adults. Rather than purchase a simple Dunny (which they would still love), maybe consider having one custom painted by a designer they like! While a bit more expensive, it is incredibly personable. (an example of someone you can commission for the job)
Price (roughly): $150

Seat Belt Camera Straps:

Somehow, this makes sense
Somehow, this makes sense

Have you ever thought, “Man, I wish I could use seat belts in more creative ways and use them more often”? Chances are, a designer has.
Price: $20

My Suite Stuff Throw Pillows:

I drool in my sleep. Just thought you'd want to know.
I drool in my sleep. Just thought you'd want to know.

The person who came up with this idea is a genius and can have all of my money and my adoration for a lifetime.
Price: $15 each or $80 for the Collection or $130 for the Creative Sleep set

Designer Set of Coasters:

Oh, yes, this is happening
Oh, yes, this is happening

You didn’t think I would mention awesome throw pillows and not tie the whole thing together with a matching coaster set, did you?
Price: $24.99

I Love Design Mug:

It is TOTALLY true
Three different versions available!

I’m just going to mention the cliche “Designers love coffee and drink it all the time and would die without it” shtick. Mainly because we do. And I happen to BE ON MY FIFTH CUP OF COFFEE AND IT ISN’T EVEN NOON YET. SO YOU CAN SEE WHY THIS MUG IS AWESOME.
Price: £9.95 (yeah, it is foreign, but they know how to design stuff, too)

Dot Grid Book:

The inside is pretty too

There are times where the creative juices are flowing so fast that a book is needed to sketch out and mark-up the ideas. The Dot Grid Book from Behance (they also have other variations) is something that the Schipul creative team uses and can attest to it’s awesomeness.
Price: $14

RGB Color Profile Necklace:

CMYK for print designers are offered as well
CMYK for print designers are offered as well

Last year for Christmas, I got a custom made engagement ring. To be honest, if my dude had given me this necklace, I probably would have said “yes!” with a bigger smile. (I’m kidding. The ring is totally cool.)
Price: $20

Salt & Pepper Bots:

Yeah, I'll have robots in each gift guide.

Simple black and white with a splash of orange? I say yes. These little fellas are unique, cute, and will probably wake up while you sleep and attempt to kill you. Robots are adorable.
Price: £20.00

Magic Paint Bucket Tie:

Two colors AND two different widths to choose from!
Two colors AND two different widths to choose from!

I’m not a dude, but I did run this by a couple of my dude friends and they think it is a spectacular gift. Yes, giving a tie for Christmas is a little outdone, but not if you can give the tie of all ties.
Price: $34

Eye-Fi Card:

Photographers are designers too
Photographers are designers too. I guess.

Do you know what an eye-fi card is? NO? Drop this little card into your camera and have your photos instantly upload via a wi-fi connection. How great is that! Talk about having a live photo shoot. You can also get a special eye-fi card that uploads videos.
Price: $79.99 – $149.99

Cast Aluminum Ampersand:

It is pretty and it matches almost anything
It is pretty and it matches almost anything

This thing is pretty pricey and outside of being a book-end, paper weight, or door stopper, it doesn’t do much. However, it is really neat looking and, ya know, if someone broke into your house, this would make for a good weapon. Or something.
Price: $225

Helvetica Film:

Good type, good movie
Good type, good movie

A lot of designer types already own this movie or have at least seen it, so consider this entry a reminder of some items that are still out there and worth the money.
Price: $20

Command Posters:

I see what you did there
I see what you did there

Do not purchase these for a designer friend who does not currently use an Apple computer. Because that might get weird. Unless you want it to be weird. Heck, I don’t know.
Price: $12 – $75

Deconstructing Product Design:

You had me at "design"

Honestly, have you ever taken a FuBar Function Utility Bar and carefully thought out the design of it? The way you interact with it while swinging it around? Probably not. This book is a fantastic way for designers (of all types) to view a wide variety of objects. Insightful, inspiring, and a toy dinosaur on the cover. Totally full of win.
Price: $26.40

Fallingwater LEGO Set:

Must add your own water
Must add your own water

How could you NOT love Frank Lloyd Wright? WORD! Yes,  you can try to tell me he is over hyped but you know what? You never built a house on a water fall. So there.
Price: $99.99

Blik Wall Graphics:

Stickers for walls designed by designers? YES!
Stickers for walls designed by designers? YES!

Blik is a remarkable company with remarkable products that are remarkably remarkable. I could not bring myself to pick ONE design, so make sure you check out the site. Some decals are reusable (we have some in our office) and some are customizable. All kinds of stuff going on!
Price: Depends on what you get. Which should be one of everything.

Customized Converse:

We won't discuss how many pairs of chucks I own
We won't discuss how many pairs of chucks I own

Yet another way to give a gift with a little extra meaning behind it. Any custom gift you give is pretty heartfelt. Unless you get “YOUR MOM” stitched on the side. That might ruin things a bit.
Price: $45 and up

The Smashing Book:

Designers read. Ya know, as long as there are pictures.

Smashing Magazine is a pretty beloved source of inspiration, tips, tricks, and anything else a web designer might need/want. They just recently released a book that would be a great addition to web designer’s bookshelf.
Price: $29.95

Colour in Wallpaper:

This. This is what it is about.
This. This is what it is about.

I’m sure that most creative types can tell you a story about drawing on walls as a kid. While most people would attempt to break such a habit, there is colour in wallpaper that let’s you get as creative as you want and encourages wall art. You’ll be a graffiti artist yet!
Price: £35.99


Sometimes it can be hard shopping for certain people, especially if you are roped into a Secret Santa type deal. Have no fear! Download this awesomely designed Christmas vital stats and print them out for use:

That wraps up this week’s guift guide! Like what you see? Be sure to enter our Schipul Cheer contest so that you can win some of these kickin’ gifts.

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    1. Of course you do, Mom. You couldn't have picked one of the items that goes for less than $225 to request? Love you!

  1. Forwarding link to my friends so they can get me ANYTHING on this list. Well, okay. I already have some of them, but even dupes would be hilariously awesome! Win!

    Except – now I am totally stumped over what size to order the Golden Mean T-shirt. Must fit body in perfect proportion. Do they have a special sizing chart? Oh geez… mild design panic.

  2. Wow! All you above posters are such dorks 😉 Originally I thought this list would be lame since it was coming from Brandi, but it's actually pretty true/cool. Now, if only there were some pillows with the elements from the periodic table…Pt (platinum) being MY favorite.

    1. Love you too Jerri!
      You should make your own throw pillows using the periodic table and sell them. Youll become super rich Im sure.

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