Schipul Cheer – Super Awesome Contest Time!


In case you missed the memo, we will be releasing a series of gift guides this month. Last week we went over gifts to get for geeks and gamers and this week we will list out some items for those artsy types.


You didn’t think that I would write a series of posts without having a sweet contest extravaganza to go with it, did you? It is Christmas time, yo!

Starting immediately, we are going to have the first official Schipul Cheer contest! And yes, winning will be just as easy as every other contest I have done. So yeah, lets break this down and get to deckin’ halls with good tidings and some pimped out joy and stuff.


Super easy. Ready?

  • Take a picture of your Christmas tree.

That’s it! Take a photo and post it in our comments section of this post, any of the Schipul Cheer Gift Guide posts, –OR– our new thing, post it to Twitter with the tag #schipulcheer09!


Psyche! It is CHRISTMAS, geeze. You cant know what we are getting you. But yeah, I guess I can give you this hint: Some of the items (yes, more than one thing) are hidden within the Schipul Cheer Gift Guide lists. That’s right, you have the chance to win something rad from those lists.

But it isn’t that $200 robot so don’t ask.


  • Contest starts December 7th and runs until the 17th!

We will take all of the photos and run them through our random integer counter thing of magic and randomly select a winner. One entry per person.

So what are you waiting for? Show me some trees! And seriously, someone needs to remove the exclamation point from my keyboard.

2 Replies to “Schipul Cheer – Super Awesome Contest Time!”

  1. Since my posts on Twitter are private, & therefor will not show up when you search the #schipulcheer09 hashtag, I'm going to go ahead & post my sad little tree photo here.

    This is our office Christmas tree. We're not allowed to have lights on anything & all we had is one measly box of gold ornaments so my coworker decorated our ficus tree.

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