Schipul’s New Look for a New Year!

Everyone around the office is making New Year’s resolutions. I’m going to work on time management, Fayza is focused on more detailed tweets, and Glen is going to eat more veggies.

Our graphic designers and programming team caught the resolution bug and decided it was time to revamp the Schipul site to align with Schipul’s resolutions. Last year one of the things we really tried to focus on was telling our story and teaching our clients how to tell theirs. Check out how we incorporated that onto our homepage!

Right at the top is our brand-spanking new Stories module. It can feed from a number of different places and works as a one-stop-shop for all of our friends and family to see what is going on at Schipul. Even better? After a new more tweaks it will be added to our arsenal of Tendenci modules!

So check out our new site and leave us comments and feedback. Just for grins, here’s a screen shot of what looked like ten years ago:

4 Replies to “Schipul’s New Look for a New Year!”

  1. The new site is impressive. You do fabulous work. The editor in me couldn’t help notice a typo. 3rd para. last sentence, “new” should be “a few more tweeks”. Happy New Year!

  2. New site looks ab fab, Schipulites all. Now we BOTH have brand-spanking new sites to gaze at admiringly! I dig the new story feature plus the nod to Alfred Hitchcock with “Ed Schipul Presents.” Have only scratched the surface; will leap into your site deeper, later. Meanwhile, congrats from this devoted client and eternal fan!

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