15 Replies to “Let’s call it, “See you later.””

  1. Fayza. Remember when I first started and we sat next to each other and we would laugh and laugh? And we worked too, sure, but there was lots of laughing and WE ARE WINE BOTTTLLESS which Albert just LOVED – don't lie Albert!

    In my Schipul story you are at the very beginning. You will be very missed. I'll miss the "kitties" and the cat voice and the decompressing with the Kittens Inspired by Kittens. I may randomly call you and ask you to talk to me in these voices; please do not be alarmed. It's just my way of saying you're loved. 🙂

  2. Oh my…is that a stapler in your pocket? or are you just happy to be writing? Fayza, we will totally miss you and the occasional ruckus, distraction, and much needed candor that you provide. Houston is better off for you landing here and we are totally glad you are staying close.

    Houston, look out! Fayza is going to keep describing you in her words! And we can't wait to read them.

  3. Wow! I am really, really going to miss you around here… as long as you will still take AK and The Z-Man to the Zoo I think I will survive!

    In all seriousness – I bless you will joy and laughter and Light. May peace always find you and courage always support you. Be free and fun and full – like an explosion of confetti. And don't be a stranger ya hear…

  4. As you rocket out of the nest like the candid* condor that you are, necks will crane, eyes will squint: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Fayza, yo!" Off to other aeries and giddy heights and fresh adventures… On #FF, I'm happy to say I'll continue to follow you and the ever-entertaining swath you cut through our fair city, you with your wickedly witty writerly wiles!

    *Isn't it rich & right that we got to work with YOU on a blog called CandidOnCameras?? Nobody does candor like you, young condor: You give new meaning to "Keepin' it fresh, keepin' it real!" It's been bracing, it's been fun; and I'm so glad you were part of our Schipul team. Fare thee well, fair & fearless Fayza…

  5. Missing you already… I know you are not far… When I am in the village, we will catch up. Keep being AWESOME. I love ya lady!!!

  6. I know the Schipulino's will miss you terribly, but I'm happy for you and what sounds like an awesomesauce opportunity! Which makes perfect sense as you are awesomesauce incarnate!! 🙂 Best of luck Fayza!

  7. Thank you for the bright orange inflatable monkey that you signed the crotch of for me to remember you by. I will cherish it with all my heart. See you later Fayza!

  8. There once was a little monster that ate cheese. Then Fayza picked it up and kept it as her pet or fed it to her cat or something. Anyway … Monkey's and Cheese will never be the same. Miss you already Fayza.

  9. So sorry to see you go. 🙁 I know I unfortunately only knew you for a couple of days, but I must say, your blog post was very inspiring (especially for someone about to leave for college). I wish you best of luck in your future career and hope we will have the chance to meet again!

  10. Remember that time I said you are my little monkey…I meant it.


    Any who, I am going to miss you so much! Congratulations on the new gig….I am very happy that you are happy.

    My life wouldn't be the same without a little Fayza in it, and I thank you for that. Kisses!

  11. hughughughughughughughughug.

    You are ALREADY sorely missed, and you are still in this darn building lady 🙂

    Come visit often, email and IM often, send us hilarious Houston Press articles often, sing us kitten songs often. Much love.

  12. My cube buddy Fayza –

    I have learned so much from you – in my job and in my life. You are one amazing WOMAN who is not afraid of ANYTHING or ANY ONE (or any trail, or any bayou, etc.). Lots of love in your new adventures… I'm thrilled that you'll still be on the Houston scene!

    Love, love, love.

  13. Won't say I'm gonna miss the baby like enunciated wod-wod every time I walk by your cube but I will miss the grin on your face when you say it. Not to worry, across the country side I know our paths will literally cross and I will once again hear wod-wod! See you on the trails chica.

  14. Who will occupy my left peripheral vision now? Sigh. And all the random Fayza shout outs i hear in my head. You are missed here girl but i'm so happy for you and your new adventures.


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