Server Maintenance Tonight For T4 Sites

With the recent denial of service attacks on some of our T4 sites, we are taking measures to increase security on all T4 sites.

Sites that have not yet been moved to the secured server environment will be moved starting tonight and continuing through Tuesday. December 30th. T4 sites that were affected by the DDoS attack on our servers in past weeks have already been moved to this new server.

We expect full functionality restored although clients on our T4 legacy software will experience some limitations on their sites over the next few weeks. These moves are to ensure security for all of our legacy clients not yet using the Linux based Tendenci 5+ software.

These security updates do not apply to any clients on Tendenci 5 in the Linux environment.

We have reached out to clients on T4 who will be affected by this move through contact email addresses on file with our team.  If you have not received a message from the Tendenci Team and have questions about your site please email