Special Delivery! A Corpse Flower for our Friends at CultureMap

I had the privilege this morning of dropping off a real live baby Corpse Flower to our friends at CultureMap as a congrats for their hilarious @CorpzFlowrLois Twitter account (which generated considerable buzz for the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Corpse Flower Lois last month).

Raising a Corpse Flower is not an easy job – according to the HMNS blog, Corpse Flowers only bloom once they are 7 years old. Luckily, our fledgling came with instructions such as temperature, amount of sunlight, etc.

Congrats to the new proud parents!

More Corpse Flower delivery photos on Facebook

What is that?

Special Delivery!

Baby corpse flower, enjoying her new home.

Steven Thomson, Lois’s personal ghost writer with the new addition

PS – I’m adding Corpse Flower delivery to my resume under “special skills.”

Check out the delivery of the corpse flower!

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