State of Change – Microsoft Servers Offline Tomorrow April 21 Reminder

State of Change at Tendenci

State of Change at Tendenci

For our Tendenci 5 and Tendenci 6 and Open Source clients in the wild – you’re cool. Move along. None of this applies to you. If you don’t have a “.asp” in your file extensions on your site it doesn’t apply to you.

Seriously, we love you, but off you go. Go check out the source code at or something. None of this blog post applies to those of you in the 95% majority of our clients.

This isn’t to say we don’t think you look great today. You do! And we’re looking forward to being able to focus on YOU more after tomorrow.

Upgrading Clients – YEA!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our former T4 clients who have chosen to stay with us and upgrade to Tendenci 6.

As we’ve communicated to each of you individually, there may be a period where we have a holder page up for a bit and unlike a usual long term project we will be going live and incrementally flushing out the site. It’s a lot of sites. We are going to focus on functionality first, SEO next and then bring more uniqueness of design per the scope of each of your migration projects.

We’re excited for both of the groups above that we will be focused on one technology stack and can accelerate Tendenci’s growth.

Microsoft Servers Offline Tomorrow April 21 at 12:00 CST

For our former clients who were running on Tendenci 4 and are choosing to leave, we’re sorry to see you go. I get it. I hated the idea of giving up my blackberry because “it just worked”. Yet now I can’t imagine not having a smart phone. Software is emotional. It just is.

We have to move forward. Tendenci 4 was never going to able to work on a mobile device because it’s legacy went back too far. Microsoft declaring end of life for Windows 2003 was the final straw. It was time.

Again – yes, Tuesday April 21 at 12:00 PM CST is a hard deadline. It’s been 90 days since first announced.

[IMPORTANT! If you are pointed at our DNS Servers or Email Servers make sure your new provider makes these updates!]

I believe we have communicated with everyone in person at this point, and the remaining group is small.

This is just a courtesy reminder that you may want to have your new provider make their DNS entries tonight to avoid any downtime. Don’t forget they will need to set up email relays and transfer dns servers so be nice to your new vendor and give them another reminder please as all of us want to see you succeed.

A website is an ecosystem of databases and content and media and email and relays. Be sure your new provider, if you chose to leave, is on top of it.

Please know that we have appreciated your business and wish you the best in the future. You are always welcome back, or even consider using Tendenci Open Source with another company. That’s the point – Freedom!