Houston Humane Society’s 1st Annual Suds-n-Safety: Are you and Chauncy prepared?

BathtimeWhether you have been tuning in to KPRC’s beloved Frank Billingsly…or the hairs on your arm are suddenly pointing due east, you are well aware that hurricane season is vastly approaching. Not only that, but you are beginning to realize that the wretched smell radiating off of your furry friend Chauncy can no longer be succumbed with five squirts of Febreeze.

Come on people…cleaning the dog with air freshener? That’s so pedestrian.

But alas! You no longer need to fret my little angora rabbits…the wonderful folks at the Houston Humane Society are at it again! This Saturday from 10-2, bring your rats nest…that’s you Chauncy, down to the 1st Annual Pet Paradise Suds-n-Safety, a dog wash benefiting the Houston Humane Society.

Suds-n-Safety will offer information on how to get you and your tail-wagger ready for hurricane season. The event is also featuring $20 microchips for those pups who yearn for the taste of adventure and a vaccination clinic for those pups who…I guess you can say also yearn for the taste of adventure.

So come on out to Suds-n-Safety this Saturday…Chauncys’ all over the world will thank you.

Pet Paradise
7511 Monroe Rd.
Houston, TX 77061

For more information:
Lisa Pogue at 713-341-3311 or e-mail lpogue@houstonhumane.org

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Thanks Jenah Crump Photography for the adorable   photo!