web site quality utilities and ideas

Checking your web site for quality is an ongoing task given the number of authors on a given web site. In this post I’m going to link a few of the tools we use to check up on ourselves. And on clients as they author on their sites as well, right? So here goes:

Pingdom Site Speed Checker

Broken Link Checker because the web changes daily

Ninja Online Spell Checker – free for up to 5 scans per day

Web Accessibility Measurement Tool

View your site like google sees it using “Fetch as Google”

SEO tests are numerous so you can view this post on hubspot and pick your poison

Analyze your site offline by making a static copy and searching the folder. We explained this process here:

Once you have your site in one folder you can use explorer, or finder, or I use sublime text editor to search for content in the files of the entire folder.

find in files with sublime

I do realize there are too many tools out there to list so please google for more. And feel free to comment in the forums if you know of some site evaluation tools that you like. You can register at https://www.tendenci.com/accounts/register/ and post in the forums at https://www.tendenci.com/forums/