Tendenci 4 Status Update January 6 2015

Another quick update on the status of the network outages. Tuesday Jan 6 2015 – we are still focused on a few long-standing clients experiencing outages or reduced functionality who are still on Tendenci 4, the powerful but legacy version of Tendenci build on the Microsoft platform.

Yesterday was another 12+ hour day for most of the team. They are working hard, but I do insist they sleep some as typos and DNS entries don’t work well together.

If we didn’t communicate directly, rest assured we are working hard to get everyone restored. ~ Ed Schipul, CEO, Tendenci

PS – Please continue to utilize the helpdesk at https://helpdesk.tendenci.com/ for the fastest response. It is the only thing all of us are checking. And luckily the volume is dropping as the sites are being restored. Specifically if it is important enter it directly on the help web site as opposed to starting with an inbound email as then any follow up email communication will continue to be attached to that thread. I thank you for helping us help you.