SchipulCon fun + surprises – October 6th + 7th are coming fast!

SchipulCon 2011 Quadracopter Promo of Awesome! from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.

We’ve been talking about some of our amazing speakers, awesome keynotes and other business-savvy takeaways at SchipulCon 2011, but let’s not forget the FUN we’ll have too!

The SchipulCon crew believes that learning goes best with fun activities, extra cool brain candy and neat people to share it with.  Check out some of the neat stuff we have in store for you:

  • Be inspired by world changers Karen Walrond  and Camp For All’s Kurt Podeszwa
  • Hands on video training / lighting experience with a fun workshop
  • Video basics session with Brian Potter and Brad Parler
  • How-to photography session with rock star Giovanni Gallucci
  • Get an intro for non-geeks on Arduino programming
  • Meet some robot wielding super heroes!
  • Learn how to fly RC helicopters
  • Get those hips moving with hoop dancing lessons
  • Participate in our Robot Drawing Contest for cool prizes (yes, you read that right)
Our SchipulCon tickets are still on sale – including Day Passes if you cannot make the entire conference.  We’re holding our fun SchipulCon Conference Party at The Yard House on Thursday evening from 5:30 – 7:30pm.  You’ll need a SchipulCon ticket to join us, but believe us – it’ll be a blast no matter when we get to connect!

Chookooloonks visits Blue Willow Bookshop

Blue Willow Books Houston | Karen Walrond reading The Beauty of Different

Maybe that one thing about you that you can’t stand is your different.

To that, Karen Walrond (@Chookooloonks) would say, “Your different is your beautiful.”

Karen Walrond, author of The Beauty of Different dropped by Schipul client,  Blue Willow Books for an intimate reading and book signing. Karen shared with visitors her different (she was a sensitive child) and said it’s probably what made her able to write the book.

Chookoolonks reads from The Beauty of Different at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston

The reading was like sharing a story with a good friend. It was share and share alike as visitors talked about their different, their experiences blogging and their journeys through photography. After the reading, Karen signed books with personal messages to each woman.

Karen signs copies of The Beauty of Different at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston

The Blue Willow staff f gifted Karen with a pen before she climbed the ladder to leave her mark on the wall. She wrote: Your Different is Your Beautiful.

Karen Walrond leaves her mark on the Blue Willow wall

The Beauty of Different features photos and stories of everyday people and the unique things about them. Through their faces and revelations, perhaps readers will discover their own special qualities.

For more about The Beauty of Different check out Karen’s Blog.  Also, our very own happykatie is featured in the book and writes about being part of the experience on her blog.

Be sure to check out Blue Willow Bookshop on Facebook to learn about more events like this. Each event brings a new guest, a new book and new friends.