Friday Fun Post – “The 48 Hour Film Festival”

The Posse

How do you spend your weekend? Relaxing? Watching TV? Well your missing out because you could be experiencing the 48 Hour Film festival. What is it exactly? One weekend every year, 40+ teams of (crazy) filmmaker join together to achieve one common goal: To produce a short film,   in a specific genre (comedy,   superhero, even musical western!) in less than 48 hours. Starting Friday night, every team gathers at a local restaurant to   pick a genre, afterwords the teams discover the   character name, line of dialog and prop that they all have to use. For example: last year all the movies had to have the character name “Jarod Puller”, use a “bouncy ball” as a prop, and must use the line “I’m just not sure about that” in the movie. Now go watch my movie to see if you can find them!

I first entered the 48 Hour Film Fest. 2 years ago with two of my friends. We now call ourselves “The Posse” and continue to do projects together. We were featured in the River Oaks examiner last year, so be sure to check out our press! This year the 48 Hour Film Festival will be in June (exact time not known yet) but if you would like to find out more information, visit

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