Friday Fun Post: Congrats to Houston Zoo new arrival!

Baylor the baby elephant! Photo from The Houston Zoo

Congratulations are in order for our client the Houston Zoo! After 23 months, Shanti the elephant has given birth to baby Baylor ~ named after the Baylor College of Medicine team in recognition for all they’ve done to reduce the threat of the elephant herpes virus. Appropriately, the week before Mother’s Day!

Elephant babies!

The adorable Baylor was born Tuesday morning at a healthy 348 pounds. It’s been an exciting time – over 50 volunteers and staff have been on 24-hour birth watch since February. The zoo held a baby shower for Shanti last month and showered her with gifts and a specially-made elephant cake.

And there’s more to come! Another Houston Zoo elephant, Tess, is due to give birth later this year.

More on baby Baylor

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