Improved Tendenci and Constant Contact integration!

image from Staying in touch with your Web site visitors and members is pretty darn important, no matter industry you are in.

Thanks to a recent update, your Tendenci Web site is making it even easier for you to connect your visitors to your Constant Contact mailing list.

While the original Constant Contact integration gave you little choice on what Constant Contact mailing list to send your Web site contacts to, now you can pick from any of your Constant Contact lists.

Sound like a plan?    Get in touch with our Support team to get this rolling!  You can email us at support AT schipul DOT com or give us a call at (281) 497.6567, ext. 411.

Constant Contact now integrates with Tendenci!

Constantcontact Does your organization use Constant Contact to send out emails and newsletters to your members, sponsors or clients?

We’ve just completed the finishing touches on integrating your Tendenci and Constant Contact users.  This means that when a visitor comes to your Web site and fills out a contact form, your Constant Contact mailing lists can be updated too!

Here’s to seriously streamlining your email marketing campaigns and growing your Community as never before!  Keep an eye out for further upcoming Constant Contact integration with Tendenci and give us a call to quote you on your site’s integration today at (281) 497.6567, ext. 700.