Your Key to the City… CityPass!

Last year my family joyfully discovered CityPass… the kiddos were finally old enough to enjoy all the museums and attractions our fair city has to offer and so, we decided to take a few days off and make a staycation of it.citypass vacation tickets

Upon researching the CityPass, I was even happier to discover that CityPass is offered in a multitude of really awesome vacation spots… New York, Seattle and San Francisco to name a few.  And new to the list, Southern California! Yes, that’s right, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and the San Diego Zoo… plus a whole lot more are now easier to afford.

For the cost of a family of four to visit any 2 local attractions’ you can purchase a CityPass and gain access to at least 6 of the big name museums and local city draws.

Plus no waiting in lines (really… Space Center Houston, locally just known as NASA, has a special line just for CityPass folks.) It made site seeing with the kiddos just a little bit easier.

Another really cool feature is the pass lasts for 9 days…   have some time off stacked up, don’t want to rush through your visit, no worries… you can wrap your travels around 2 weekends.

So, from this mom to you… I pass along the gift of the CityPass. Thinking about vacationing this summer’ I suggest picking your spot from one of the those listed on

Happy Summer!