Pack Your Sketchbook

I know, I know, this is supposed to be about some new fandangled tech toy that you should probably take along with you on your good ol’ summer vacation. I should probably be writing about an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Sega GameGear or Amazon Kindle but I’m not. Instead I’m offering up an alternative to the “traditional” geeky gadgets that you should equip yourself with the next time you decide to venture into the sunlight and away from your computer.

With that said, I propose packing your sketchbook the next time you travel. Taking a sketchbook, moleskin, drawing pad (or whatever else you want to call it) along with you when you travel will give you a way to create something unique to remember the trip by. Whether you are waiting for your flight, sitting on the plane, riding a subway or just relaxing in the park, doodling in your sketchbook will help you create lasting memories of the places you visit.

Instead of purchasing a post card or snapping a photo, sit down and really soak in the surroundings. Observe the tiny details and enjoy the less obvious things.

A few items that I have on or near me at all times are: a sketchbook, sharpies and pencils. You can pack an eraser if you really want to. I don’t have a  preference  as to what type of sketchbook to use but here are a few places that you could take a peep at if you are interested: and My favorite drawing mediums can be found here:

So here’s to happy sketching and making it a part of your next vacation!