Join our Schipul Get Satisfaction community!

This week the Schipul team launched our new Get Satisfaction client community:

Think opposite the Rolling Stones song, we are ALL about finding new ways to get you satisfaction (and we try… and we try!!!).

While you hear from US all the time, we want to hear more from YOU!!   and, even more importantly, want to provide a space to contribute your own ideas and requests – as well as connect and collaborate with other Schipul clients.

Our Schipul Get Satisfaction community provides you with an extra spot to stay connected to software updates (and a place to provide feedback on them), a handy FAQ section and other goodies.

This will not replace our Support service (support AT schipul DOT com), but WILL provide you an additional spot to pose + answer questions for each other, share best practices and find like-minded organizations that (we think, at least) are pretty AMAZING.

Want to ease into the process a bit?   No problem.   You can always visit our page and submit your ideas.   Think big – anything we should be thinking about, offering client training on or building into our service offerings?   We’re all ears!