Video: Tips for Transitioning Your New Board to Tendenci with Brian Potter

We work with a lot of Nonprofits and Associations, who often have Boards and volunteers who are responsible for keeping the website up to date. As these board members change from year to year, we want to make sure they are able to get up to speed on the website software as seamlessly as possible!

Our latest video features Account Exec Brian Potter as he outlines tips for transitioning new board members to Tendenci. Read more about these tips in our latest Help File: Transitioning Your New Board Members to Tendenci

7 Tips for Transitioning Your New Board Members to Tendenci:

1. Use a Shared Google Doc to Document and Save Important Information About Your Website

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2. Attend Our Next Intro to Tendenci Class!

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3. Get to Know the Tendenci Help Files

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4. Check Out Our New Users’ Guide for Getting Started with Tendenci

 Our New Users’ Guide to Tendenci lists the top 10 help files that cover the main modules of Tendenci to get you used to working with your Tendenci site

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6. Consider Personalized Training Options

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7. Get to Know the Support Portal 

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Read Full Details of these tips in our Latest Help File!