Fun faces, great brains at SchipulCon panel discussions

While SchipulCon 2011 has lots of great solo presentations and keynotes (I mean, SERIOUSLY!!  we’ve got Dries from Drupal and Steven from NASA on our stage!!), there’s nothing like being inspired by a group of brilliant people to get you motivated.

Check out our SchipulCon panel presentations and get ready for a melding of the minds:

Creating Art, Creating Success, Making it Work

This lively and exciting panel discussion features several of the greatest artistic minds around!  Your panelists, led by brilliant marketer and community builder Grace Rodriguez, will dive into some of their creative  endeavors  and how they utilize their creative skills as successful leaders and business people.

Being creative isn’t just for artists; it can mean the difference between successfully solving problems at the office, finding innovative ways to grow your business and discovering ‘The Next Big Thing’ – regardless of what industry you work in or your professional background.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful presentation, featuring:

Growing an Offline Community with Online Marketing Magic

Ever wondered how successful product brands used online technology to grow their community, event buzz and product sales in the real world?  You’ll be punch drunk happy sitting in on this panel presentation, led by Schipulite Derek Key, with Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company and Tito’s Vodka folks.

Learn how to rally your tribe, no matter what you’re selling, through smart communication, cool promotions and meaningful brand advocacy opportunities.  Also enjoy listening to some of the greatest marketing brains around:

Other great group presentations that you simply cannot miss!