We Saw a Lady Walking a Cheetah

Of all the things I imagined seeing this weekend, a   cheetah on a leash taking a leisurely stroll through the Houston Zoo was NOT on the list. But that’s the kind of thing that happens during Photo Day at the Houston Zoo.

Photo Day is a series of 6 outings during which photographers and photography enthusiasts can visit the Houston Zoo and take pictures of the animals. Fellow Schipulite Derek Key (@dereskey) and I had the opportunity to attend Saturday’s photo day…and that’s how we saw the cheetah.

Our Day…in Photos

The animals are likely to be active during the earliest part of the day, especially in the summer…in Houston. So for Photo Day, the zoo opens two hours early (at 7am) and lets photo enthusiasts catch the early risers. I’ve been to the Houston   Zoo countless times, but this is the first time I saw so many of the big cats and rare birds.

The lions roamed their pen long enough for photo ops…

We watched the reptiles have breakfast, which is creepy and AWESOME

We found out what a Cassowary is…

and finally, we discovered that the meerkats draw quite a crowd!

Have an Awesome Time AND Help the Zoo

Since the Houston Zoo is a non-profit organization it relies heavily on membership and attendance for support. While Photo Day is open to both the public and zoo membership holders, the   zoo features   special events   just for members, including Zoobilee and special Member Mornings.

In addition to cool member activities, the zoo is also involved in conservation efforts like the Lone Star State Projects and fundraising to for treatments that help prevent elephant herpes.

Be sure to check out the Houston Zoo’s Flickr photo stream, and upload photos of your zoo visits!

Wordcamp Houston – calling all WordPress lovers!

Schipul is sponsoring Wordcamp Houston

Schipul is proud to be a part of the Wordcamp Houston Conference organizing team – along with design and PR heroes colab and Primer Grey Studios.   We love those guys, we love WordPress…   we’re happy campers.

Wordcamp Houston is the city’s very first WordPress conference – a time for growing your WordPress brain power, connecting with other WordPress fanatics and getting some solid WordPress strategy under your belt.

What: Wordcamp Houston – a day of fantastical WordPress geekiness
When: Saturday, August 7th 2010   8:30am – 4pm (with a fun after party to follow)
Where: The fabulous Houston Museum of Natural Science

There are three different tracks to jump onto, depending on your interest and strategy:   Business / Blogger / Developer

Just getting started?   Have a few years experience to your name?   Sleep, eat and breathe WordPress code?   No problem – we dig each and every last one of you.

And if the great content and camaraderie isn’t enough, we even have Matt Mullenweg keynoting our little WordPress shindig.   That’s right – THE Matt of WordPress founding fame and glory.   Yeah, we’re pretty excited too.

Tickets are on sale now and we still have some exciting sponsorship opportunities available.   Send your team, send your friends and send yourself.   We can’t wait to geek out with you!

Friday Fun: Celebrating 1 year of Caroline Collective!!

Houston's Caroline Collective Turns one!!
Houston's co-working space Caroline Collective Turns one!!

We love Houston’s Caroline Collective co-working space!!!

They are a great member of the Houston Community, providing office and desk space for hard working geniuses, meeting space for great arts and other organizations and one heck of a great venue for parties, fundraisers… you name it.

Hard to believe they’ve been around an entire year!   If you’re in the Houston area this weekend, be sure to drop by Caroline Collective (4820 Caroline) on Saturday (June 6th) from 6-10pm for food, booze, music and great people.   Congratulations Caroline crew!