Friday Fun: Stop Running in Dog Poo and Start Running for a Reason

ChevronHave you ever gone for a nice leisurely jog and thought to yourself, ‘I need to run with purpose…I need to run for a cause…I need to run for a REASON! Then, all of a sudden your chin has lifted.   A montage of you crossing the finish line next to Richard Simmons begins to scroll through your head accompanied by the sound of angel harmonicas and fairy flutes…you my friend, have become a hero. Of course this will all come to a screeching halt when you realize you have just run through a big pile of dog poo.

No need to fret…that dream can still be yours my little monkeys. If you missed the deadline to sign up for the Chevron Houston Marathon you have the opportunity to still register for the Heroes Fundraising Program…and possibly still cross the finish line with Richard Simmons.   In order to enter as a ‘Hero,” you must raise $350 which will be a direct donation to the Run for a Reason charity of your choice.

Not to be biased, but when deciding on which charity to adorn your superman cape and tights for, Schipul has a few suggestions…our awesome clients! Here are three that are doing amazing things in the community and would love for you to be their Hero this year:

  1. Houston Humane Society is a non-profit animal shelter dedicated to eliminating cruelty, abuse, and the overpopulation of animals. HHS is committed to creating the awareness of animal rights throughout the Houston community by providing numerous animal welfare programs for Houston area residents and their pets.
  2. Neuhaus Education Center is dedicated to providing professional development for educators in research-based methods of literacy instruction. In addition, the Center is a resource for parental consultation and for adults seeking literacy education.
  3. Pink Ribbons Project was founded by a group of dancers who were individually touched by breast cancer. Using the arts, Pink Ribbons Project saves lives and improves the quality of life for those touched by breast cancer.

You will not only have the honor of becoming a Hero for a great cause, but you will receive some pretty nice swag. You will be given a custom ‘Hero” back bib, tech fabric cap, an invitation to the exclusive post-race charity event and recognized as a Hero on the Chevron Houston Marathon web site. Famous.

So come on all you galloping stallions…stop running in dog poo…and start Running for a Reason.

For more information on the Heroes Fundraising Program, prices and deadlines visit the Chevron Houston Marathon website.

Thanks alangham for the great pic!

Fish City Grill hosts Team Teen Charity for the Day!

How does face painting and a fish entrée sound? Or how about a face painting of a fish…even better! Fish City Grill Vintage Park has chosen Team Teen for their Charity of the Day and quite frankly if I wasn’t writing this blog post, I would be lined up at the door right now with my bib around my neck ready to devour some sesame crusted salmon. But since I can’t be there, I guess it is only fair to fill you in on all the fantastic things that will be going on while Fish City Grill hosts Team Teen’s charity event for the day.

The event is being held today from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. so work is not an excuse people! Whether you order lunch, dinner, or to-go, 15% of your bill will be donated to Team Teen and the first 100 guests will receive goodie bags! I don’t know about you, but a goodie bag has never steered me wrong. There will be balloons, free kid dinner with the purchase of an adult entrée, $2 off appetizers from 2 p.m-7 p.m. and did I mention face painting? Also, some stylin’ Team Teen/Fish City Grill event T-shirts will be handed out with every $10 donation.

So come out folks and let’s help Team Teen make their first event a huge success! Team Teen’s mission is to help high school students develop greater confidence and self-esteem through training for and participation in 5K races and sprint triathlons.