Geek Gift Ideas for Christmas 2013 – For the Geeky Home & Geeky Office

We Schipulites like to think of ourselves as a group of web geeks out to change the world one website at a time. And we think we know a thing or two about what other such geeks might want for Christmas (or any holiday gift giving occasion!). This is the first in a series of Geek Gift Ideas we’re eyeing this Christmas. With just under 2 weeks until Christmas, you still have some time to order these gifts for your favorite geek!

Note: Big thanks to the team for their ideas for this first post, especially  Jennie Lane  &  Jordan Schipul!

Anything we left out? Leave your favorite Geek Gift ideas in the comments!

Geeky Office Gifts

Desk Toys

Pop Vinyls by Funko

I am obsessed with these little vinyl figures by Funko. They come in almost any licensed franchise you can think of – from super heroes to Power Rangers to NBA players to every Disney Character under the sun. No matter who you’re gifting for, you can find a character they like in this bunch.

Cost: $10

Find it online: On

Find it IRL: Local Houston shops Bedrock City Comics have huge selections of Pop Vinyl toys on any given day. For the ultra geeks in your life – Third Planet Comics has a great selection of some of the rarer characters, like San Diego Comic Con Exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else.

A Calendar for Your Cube/Office

The Bubble Wrap Calendar

What is an office cube without a wall calendar to remind you what day it is when you’re buried deep in the middle of a project? Check out the Bubble Wrap Calendar – with one bubble to pop each day!

Cost: $24

Find it online & IRL: At Urban Outfitters

Geeky Post Its

Floppy Disk Post Its

They may look like Floppy Disks, but don’t be deceived. Office supplies can be geeky too!

Cost: $10 for a pack of 3

Find it online: At

Funky Flash Drives

Mimobot  Flash Drives

Mimobot flash drives from Mimoco aren’t just adorable, they’re functional too! Collections include DC Heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Sanrio, and TokiDoki characters! Lots of fun designs for the geek in your life!

Cost: Varies, most are $20

Find it online: At

It’s for Clicking, Get It?

Pixelated Mouse

You’ll feel like you’re inside your computer with this pixel mouse that looks just like a click icon!

Cost: $20

Find it online: At

Geeky Home Gifts

A Geeky Kitchen, You Will Have!

This Star Wars Cookbook has 30 recipes of Star Wars themed snacks – complete with Cookie Cutters. Use the Force to make sure you don’t burn anything!

Cost: $24

Find it online:  On Amazon

Geeky Holiday Decorations

Motherboard Ornaments

What better way to recycle circuit boards than to put them up on your tree? Bonus points if you make a version of these yourself!

Cost: $20 for a pack of 3

Find it Online: At ThinkGeek

More Christmas Fun!

8 Bit LED Christmas Wreath

You’ll feel like you’re living in a virtual world with this video game inspired wreath! This wreath flashes and glows in 8 Bit majesty.

Cost: $12

Find it Online: At ThinkGeek

Finally! The Outlet, Simplified.

USB Wall Outlet

It’s the little things in life that make you smile – like being able to plug your USB cable directly into the electrical wall outlet to charge your phone or favorite gadget. So cool.

Cost: $30

Find it Online: At ThinkGeek

Wrapping it Up!

Complete the experience by wrapping your gifts in this Geeky wrapping paper from ThinkGeek  – including a cute pattern of flesh-eating Zombies and Christmas Robots.

Look for more Geeky Gift Guide coming soon!

What geeky gifts are you eyeing this holiday season? Leave your favorite Geek Gift ideas in the comments!