Cloud Server Upgrades in Progress

Clouds from a trip a long time ago...
Clouds from a trip a long time ago…

For the few night owls out there, you may have noticed your sites going offline for 5 to 10 minutes at some point in the middle of the night. Well, some good news! We are in the process of upgrading the Tendenci cloud servers to further increase response time to serve you better.

If you notice anything unusual please contact us at

Follow along on this blog, the Tendenci forums or on github. We’d love your input as we set the milestones for Tendenci 8 even while we are still working on Tendenci 7.1.x.  Your voice matters, you are the ones who we are listening to. And it is your input that sets the roadmap for Tendenci.

We appreciate you. And we believe you will appreciate the performance upgrades as we finish the night-shift updates throughout the week and wrapping up next weekend.

Thank You!