NTEN 2011 Knowledge Share: Using Video to Raise Funds

This year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) was one for the record books. CiviCRM was a buzz, making open-source software the hero for a multitude of constituent management woes. Speaking of CRMs, have you ever heard of a SocialCRM, yep…it’s coming people! And of course there was Google, never one to show up empty handed, launching “Google for Nonprofits” with the most adorable chocolate bars in tow. There were so many new, and often misspelled, online fund-raising technologies being discussed that many might have walked away a tad overwhelmed.

So what’s an organization to do? What is the best way to raise money online?

One word – VIDEO. And let me tell you why…

While meandering around NTC, a session caught my eye called, “Videos that Raise Money” (See3 Communications). I like videos, and I like helping our nonprofit clients raise money so I figured this would be a win/win situation. Then BAM…statistics were thrown right in my face:

“In December 2010 ComScore reported that 85% of US internet users watched online video, 88.6 million people watched online video on an average single day and the average American spent more than 14 hours watching online video (ComScore, February 2011)”

Geez, whatever happened to playing outside, but I digress…

This data cannot be ignored, and with all of the inexpensive ways to produce videos, nonprofits need to utilize this growing audience to increase awareness and of course, increase online donations.

Ok, so where should an organization begin? According to the guys over at See3, fund-raising has a life cycle and video becomes increasingly relevant during each stage.

Video Fund-raising Life Cycle

Awareness & Identification

Get people to think about the problem and how your organization is dealing with it; and remember, simplicity can force someone to listen.

“It’s in Your Hands”www.tippytap.org


Go ahead and just ask; allow your donors to create social capital.

“Seriously, Serious PSA”www.malarianomore.org



Just say thank you.“The Boy Who Lived”www.uncultured.com



Show your donors where their money went and how much it has helped your organization.“Prayer Answered in the Form of a Dairy Cow”www.worldvision.org



Let your donors know the bigger impact.“Stand With Haiti”www.oxfam.org



Check out the entire presentation on See3’s slideshare!

Tour de Pink: Let’s ride!

Tour de Pink
Pink Ribbons Project on the Great Day Houston set with host, Debra Duncan

Forget about Tour de France, Tour de Corn or even your neighborhood Tour de Decker Prairie….it’s all about Tour de Pink this year!

Tour de Pink is the first bike ride in Texas solely benefiting breast cancer. The event is held annually in order to raise money for the Pink Ribbons Projectin motion to fight breast cancer through awareness and education programs.

Wheels young and old will be lining up, Sunday, September 13th at Prairie View A&M University just outside Houston, TX. Routes are available for all levels and in addition to the registration fee, each cyclist is required to raise $100 in pledges from family and friends.

I’m going to be quite frank…this is your chance to ride for all the boobies across the world! You will not only help to save lives…but you will be supporting a beautiful cause and that my friends, is priceless.

So dig those fuchsia lycras out of storage and WD-40 the Big Tike…it’s time to lock-load-n-ride.

To find out more information on Tour de Pink 2009, please visit: www.tourdepink.org

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