New Webinar Recording: Optimizing Your Tendenci Site for SEO

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One of the benefits of the Tendenci CMS is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is baked in to the code. Also, Tendenci allows you control over backend SEO tags like Meta, Alt tags, and Title tags from the interface with no coding required.

This webinar video is about 40 minutes long and covers what you need to know when it comes to optimizing your Tendenci site for SEO!

  1. The automatic SEO features built into Tendenci
  2. What custom SEO features are available in Tendenci
  3. Tips for optimizing your content in Tendenci

Check out the full details of this webinar in our helpfile [VIDEO] Optimizing Your Tendenci Website for SEO!

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You can see the full details of this webinar (including a video synopsis) in our helpfile: [VIDEO] Optimizing Your Tendenci Website for SEO

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