Firestorm Breaks Down the Swine Flu Pandemic: How to Get Your Organization Disaster Ready

Is your Organization and family prepared for Disaster? If the answer is no, then the time to get prepared is now. Don’t know where to start? Schipul client Firestorm recently hosted a great Webinar with some great advice for you and yours.

The Webinar was led by Firestorm CEO, Harry Rhulen, the first Doctor to identify the SARS disease in the United States, Dr. Stephen Cunnion, and Founding Partner of Global AgriTrends, Richard Fritz, and they definitely crammed our brains!

Dr. Stephen Cunnion explains Swine Flu:

  1. The swine flu is not transmitted by eating pork. People catch the flu from other people passing the germs.
  2. The first reported case was on March 22nd. The gestation of the influenza virus can be up to a week long so we still don’t have exact facts and figures.
  3. The flu virus is the number one cause for lack of productivity for companies any given year.
  4. The BEST WAY to avoid contracting the Flu is the use of Hand Sanitizers and the avoidance of super crowded places.

How is the Flu transmitted?

  1. Directly via human to human contact, droplet or airborne contact
  2. Indirectly via objects handled by someone who has contracted the flu

Why do we discount risk?

  1. Time alters our perception of risk.
  2. We think “It can’t happen here.”
  3. “It can’t happen to me.”
  4. “It won’t be so bad.”
  5. “I’m smarter & better prepared!”

What can you do to prepare for a Disaster?

  1. Predict: It is important for you to understand the magnitude of the disaster you’re facing.
  2. Plan: Before a disaster strikes, you need to identify your primary stakeholders (family, employees, customers, etc). Bases on that identification, define a course of action and implement a plan that will be used should disaster strike.
  3. Perform: Contain the spread of the infection (Hand Sanitizers!!) and ensure the continuity of operations by using your Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Check out these great Disaster Preparedness and Swine Flu Resources:

  1. Center for Disease Control & Prevention Swine Flu FAQs
  2. Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs
  3. FREE In Case of Emergency Plan Outlines for Family and pet

Something to keep in mind if you’re a decision maker at your company, Duty of Care is a legal obligation on you to perform with care anytime you are faced with a decision that could harm those in your employ. This Duty falls under the Business Judgment Rule, which calls company decision makers to make an “in good faith decision” regarding facts that they are presented with, whether or not those fact lead to action or a decision to disregard the threat. You can read more about the Business Judgment Rule here.

Firestorm CEO Harry Rhulen will be in Houston at the end of May for a visit. If you are interested in more information on Disaster Prep or in having him come speak to your organization, email Katie Laird for information.

The primary objective in ANY Disaster Preparedness plan is getting your family ready first. Click here to download a free PDF of Firestorm’s book, Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America. The book reminds readers that they are their own first responders as it guides them through the steps they need to take to get their Disaster Plans in order.