I Am Waters Needs Your Vote!

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to get a glass of water? There is tap water, bottled water, filtered water…all conveniently available within the comfort of your own home. It is so accessible that we almost take this basic necessity for granted’ a basic necessity that is a key component to our everyday survival.

So what   about those who live without clean drinking water? You see them every day and more often than not, glance towards the other window in hopes of a red light turning green.

One woman not only stopped to take a deeper look, but realized the hope and inspiration a simple bottle of water could bring to those less fortunate…thus, creating the I Am Waters Foundation.

“I knew I needed to ‘Bring water to the homeless” and not just any water, but water with special messages delivered by powerful words such as Love, Faith, Gratitude, and Peace. These words may be the only source of inspiration for a person on the street. My goal is to fill the hearts, minds, and bodies of all of the women, children, and men who don’t have access to life’s most basic necessities.”

-Founder, Elena Davis

Elena Davis is quite a remarkable woman in the fact that it’s not just about the water…it’s about giving the homeless inspiration to succeed in life. It’s about sharing the real-life stories and the trials of day-to-day obstacles. It’s about Steven Higgins realizing his potential through one single photo…

This is the cognition of our world and it is refreshing to see a movement for revitalization.

So how can you help ‘bring physical and spiritual hydration to the homeless?”

Please vote for the I Am Waters Foundation in the Pepsi Refresh Project contest – rewarding $250,000 in grants to those who are creating a positive impact in their community. If I Am Waters receives the funding, they would be able to extend their efforts in order to bring a human face to the homelessness problem in America, deliver water to American’s homeless, and revitalize the homeless with messages of inspiration.

Voting ends February 28th!

To find out more information about the I Am Waters Foundation, connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

*The I Am Waters Foundation is one of Schipul’s newest clients and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with Elena!