possible tendenci.com company email outage during migration

We are moving our Google apps primary domain from schipul.com to tendenci.com. It doesn’t affect clients email. But a support request may be delayed or kicked back during the 24 to 48 hour transition. Send again if that happens. This only applies to our company, Tendenci, formerly Schipul, and does NOT apply to any client email servers.

Longer version: Clients, friends, employees, former employees, friends of the tribe, et al….. we are using the Christmas lull to migrate our primary google apps account from schipul.com with an alias of Tendenci, to be Tendenci.com with an alias of Schipul – The Web Marketing Company. This reflects our new corporate name and aligns our brand and just simplifies things.

christmas2013Alas Google apps for domains isn’t as simple as we would like and overlaps and time delays are involved. To make the move takes 24 hours just to set up the new Google apps account. And you can’t have a domain associated with two different Google app accounts requiring us to remove tendenci.com as an alias so we can set it up as a new Google Apps primary domain.

Thus, temporarily while the migration is in progress, our @tendenci.com aliases may or may not arrive in our inboxes at the speed of light as usual. In theory it should be ONLY a delay and the Internet mail servers should catch all of the email and retry until success.

Then we will have a similar window of time for the schipul.com domain emails, although that should be much shorter if I get all of this right. (this is Ed typing.)

Former employees: We still love you guys. And we have always been very generous keeping former employees accounts active to prevent any possible disruption in your lives. However, the migration utilities charge us by licensed user and unless we download an encrypted archive and then delete the mostly unused forwarding accounts, it increases costs and lengthens the migration. If you need me to set up a forward again once the migration is over – email me at eschipul at my personal gmail.com address. Sorry for any inconvenience! And it is possible to restore the encrypted archive to a new account as it is all in compressed files. Bottom line – even if you have moved on to new adventures, we still want to be sure you are taken care of and this is just temporary. Thanks! – Ed