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SchipulCon ask a geek

With 3 rooms fulls of fantastic speakers from all across the country and some of the finest attendees around (love you guys!), we just can’t wait to get to SchipulCon to grow your brain, network and creative side!!

October 6th and 7th is coming quickly and we’ve got some extra special announcements for you (psssttt… if you’re not signed up for our SchipulCon newsletter, you’re really missing out!).

Liza Kindred schools us on the future of e-commerce

Liza Kindred SchipulCon speakerEver meet one of those people that just.plain.gets.it?  Then SchipulCon speaker Liza Kindred should look awfully familiar with her Drupal, e-commerce and start up butt kickin’ ways.

Her presentation on ‘The New E-Commerce‘ is going to blow you away – learn how to combine the social web, innovative business models and awesome emerging technology to help you sell, sell, SELLLLL!!!  Don’t miss this one, seriously.


Personalized Ask a Geek tech and marketing sessions

Think of our Ask a Geek sessions like a Web marketing kissing booth, without the chapstick and breathmints.  We’ll have some of our Schipulite Web geeks on call to give you 20 minutes worth of their brains and expertise.

Have a specific pressing Facebook marketing question?  Want to feel inspired about your latest Drupal site view?  Need a little hand holding on your Twitter tactics (hey now, no frisky business).  This is the perfect session for you!

Register for your slot by filling out this form here and get ready to connect to some Web marketing and tech magic like never before!

Get those SchipulCon badges – your website can do the robot!

SchipulCon attending 2011While you might have two left feet, no reason your website or blog shouldn’t get a little funky.  Grab our cool robot and brain SchipulCon badges and share your SchipulCon pride like never before.

Email us a link to your SchipulCon badge-laden website and you just might get a super cool surprise 🙂  Can’t wait to get our geek on with you at SchipulCon – tickets are going fast, jump in to join the fun!

Photo thanks to Zitona on Flickr

Hear ye, hear ye – welcome SchipulCon sponsor Texas Ren Fest!

Texas Renaissance Festival comes to SchipulCon

While there won’t be any jousts and we are not encouraging attendees to wear chain mail (although that would be hilarious), we are excited to welcome the Texas Renaissance Festival as a SchipulCon sponsor!  (Disclosure, they are a Schipul client)

The Ren Fest folks be spreading good cheer (in Olde English, of course) and are providing every SchipulCon attendee with 2 tickets to the festival which, conveniently enough, begins the weekend following SchipulCon.

Grab those SchipulCon tickets now, before the goblins get them!

SchipulCon registrations are going fast, be sure to sign you and your favorite co-workers of the round table to enjoy the brain growing and, mayhaps, mead imbibing experience!  Our Labor Day discount code ($25 / ticket off, good until 11:45pm Monday, September 5th) is the perfect accompaniment to your registration:  laborday  

And who knows?  You might even make some new fairy friends!  Photos thanks to Ed Schipul

Meet Brian Sullivan + use our SchipulCon Labor Day discount!

SchipulCon loves robots

Give your wallet the day off with our handy Labor Day discount code!

While Labor Day was originally designed to celebrate “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations”, the SchipulCon robots are putting their own spin on the holiday offering a handy discount code to all of our favorite laborers, leaders and learners.

Get your SchipulCon tickets with $25 to spare (that’s a decent happy hour tab, folks!) by using this code until Monday, September 5th 11:45pm:  laborday

Brian Sullivan SchipulCon speaker

Meet super hero design speaker Brian Sullivan

As if a coupon wasn’t exciting enough, we have even cooler news!  Please welcome Brian Sullivan, founder of The Big (D)esign Conference – among other notable achievements, as one of our amazing SchipulCon speakers!

Brian is joining us as an inspirational and actionable presenter bent on reaching the designer within all of us.  Yes, even you CEO of that awesome company.  And YOU, marketing director of our favorite nonprofit.

Read more about his great presentation “Collaborative Sketching for Design Ideation” and get ready to turn your brilliant ideas into well-planned and well-received successes in your business through the power

Get your SchipulCon tickets – don’t forget your favorite co-workers and clients

Know that post-conference high you get when your brain is so crammed full of ideas that you just can’t bear your old mediocre workstyle any longer?  Be sure to bring along your office cohorts so they can join in on the inspiration and excitement too!

Want to bring a group?  Let us know and we’ll connect you to a great group rate.  Getting hyper about SchipulCon and want your brand to join in the awesomeness?  Check out our totally awesome SchipulCon sponsorship info and be part of the buzz!  Can’t wait to learn and play on October 6th – 7th!

>> Awesome robot image thanks to Flickr user Steve.M~

SchipulCon schedule and robots galore!

SchipulCon robot

Holy guacamole!   We’re 8 weeks away from SchipulCon 2011 business, marketing and technology magic on October 6th and 7th – have you gotten your conference ticket yet?

There’s never been a better place to Create, Profit and Reach – come learn and play with us!

Get excited about our SchipulCon schedule!

SchipulCon schedule 2011

We’re not afraid to show you our awesome work in progress, especially as we know what a masterpiece SchipulCon is going to be!   Peruse some of our confirmed speakers and general topic areas on the SchipulCon agenda.   Check back regularly for more updates!

Robots and brains for your blog and website

SchipulCon attendee badge

No, we’re not quitting our day jobs to become zombies – but we do have some pretty awesome SchipulCon badges to share the love of our upcoming conference!

Shout your SchipulCon pride loud and clear – whether you are a speaker, sponsor or absolutely awesome attendee – we’ve got a little something for everyone.

And now for some random robot facts:

* The very first robot to appear on the silver screen was in the 1927 film Metropolis

* George Lucas’ C-3PO drew heavily from Metropolis’ Maria robot (neat!)

* Even Leonardo DaVinci had a soft spot for our robot friends

* YOU! (yes, you!) will get to play with robots too at SchipulCon!

SchipulCon tech + marketing conference coming October 6th -7th!

SchipulCon web marketing and tech conference

SchipulCon web marketing and tech conference

Let us help grow your marketing and tech brain!

The Schipul crew (the team behind your Tendenci website software) is holding another SchipulCon event — our fantastic web marketing, technology and innovation conference in Houston, TX on October 6th – 7th.

We’ll be covering some pretty amazing topics all designed to grow your brain and organization, as well as leave you inspired for challenges to come in the new year.

Pick up some new Tendenci tricks, learn more about T5, pick up pointers on your marketing strategy, play with robotics and so much more!  Check out our ever-growing list of speakers to see who is on deck.  You’re going to love it!

Early bird registration ends July 31st – that $100 savings will go far in helping you bring more folks from your organization.  Join us for SchipulCon!


Friday Fun: Check out our SchipulCon Badges (and our giveaway too!!)

SchipulCon BadgeWe’ve got SchipulCon badges!! And now you can too.

Simply head over to our Conference Site, grab some code, and post one of our super neat SchipulCon Badges on your site, blog or twitter background to show your love.

That is not all though!! We want to give some of you a free pass to the conference.

Send us the URL (communications@schipul dot com) to your site showing some SchipulCon love and you could win a free pass to the conference! We’ll be giving away random free passes from now until day one of SchipulCom and it’s so easy to win one! Show some love + Win a free pass! That’s it.