Geek Love – A Valentine’s Day Poem from the Schipulites

Schipul Geek Love - Happy Valentine's Day!

This February, we’re sharing Tips & Tricks we Schipulites love at With Valentine’s Day just a week away,   we also wanted to share this love poem with you, our clients and friends.Enjoy!

Geek Love, a Poem from the Schipulites to You!

In Schipul-land this Valentine’s, we want to spread the LOVE

By sharing things that currently have set our hearts abuzz.

You know we love to geek on out, and share the things we know

With clients, friends, and all of you – dear readers of this poem.

Each day this month we’ll share a tip, or trick, or tool, or thing

Like Spotify or Google Chrome or CodeAcademy

See why Eloy loves the Cloud, and Brian loves Zen Desk,

Why Courtney cannot get enough of her fave – Pinterest!

How Erica learned coding from videos online

Or KMe uses Google Docs to save her clients time.

We’ll share one new thing daily, schipul dot com slash love

Love from the SchipulitesKeep coming back to see what’s new, and share with all your buds.

Whether it’s your most favorite day, or one that’s just alright

We wish you Happy Valentine’s

With   LOVE, the Schipulites!