Branding Guidelines: Top 10 Tips

Branding Guidelines

This post comes as a blast from the past by our very own JJ Lassberg – she’s taken a new direction in her creative and tech world, but remains ever a Schipulite! Enjoy her great thoughts around branding!

In a world saturated by marketing ads and promotions, where children watch more than 40,000 ads of TV alone,   it’s hard gain the competitive edge.

Here at Schipul, we believe there are 10 Top Branding Guidelines that can help you stand out in the crowd:

  1. Focus on the #1 thing you provide
  2. Get a short, Clear Tagline that tells me what you are going to do for me
  3. Be consistent with your branding – don’t change it because YOU get bored, it’s all about ME the customer
  4. Show that your are the best by choosing top quality, up to date graphics and design
  5. Use Your Branding EVERYWHERE
  6. Share your branding with a press kit – give people what they need to talk about you
  7. Train everyone in your organization to say the same thing about what you do
  8. Let Your fans rave – them where and how to do it
  9. A bad reputation is louder and more demanding that even the best branding
  10. Let go… just a little. Be Fun, Kind and Grateful to anyone willing to engage and share your branding online.

For the full Branding Guidelines – view the Slideshare Presentation Below: