SchipulCon is almost here – get your Tendenci + business learn on!

SchipulCon 2011 Quadracopter Promo of Awesome! from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.

Our SchipulCon 2011 event is October 6th and 7th here in Houston, TX.  Sure it’s a Web marketing conference – but a Web marketing conference x 1,000,000!!!

Be there for the great Tendenci 5 unveiling!

As a Tendenci software all star, you’ll learn about the new Tendenci 5 platform with an exciting unveiling on Day 2 of our great conference.  You’ll get special access to a free beta invite where you can play around with a new Tendenci 5 website of your own – how cool is that!?

Learn the ins and outs of ‘Smart’ Tendenci websites

Join programming manager John-Michael Oswalt for a neat look at how to build ‘smart’ websites that communicate to your visitors more efficiently, make your website management life easier and create an exciting new way for your community to interact with your Tendenci website.

Sign up for FREE support time with our ‘Ask A Geek’ sessions

Do you have a Tendenci, blogging, Facebook, Search Engine Marketing or other Web-related question?  Sign up for one of our FREE 20 minute support session slots and access the collective Schipul brain.  We’ll help trouble shoot, brainstorm and show you new ways of doing the great work you’re already doing on the Web.

Learn more about our ‘Ask a Geek’ session schedules here!

But of course there’s way more business and brain building content than cool Tendenci discussion and training happening at SchipulCon this year, check out some of these great sessions too: