Southwest Drupal Summit: Day 1

A Druplicon Chia Pet from our friends at Acquia!

Southwest Drupal Summit is in full swing! Yesterday was a flurry of speakers, panels, Scrum revolutions, open source passion, and awesome Drupal loot, and the Schipulites drank it all in. It’s always fun to get together with the rest of the Drupal community to learn more about how we can bring the best to our clients and get inspired.

The day started with an awesome intro to Drupal 7 with Lullabot‘s Angie Byron (famous for her appearances in the Lullabot Drupal training videos that we love at Schipul). We learned about all the performance, functionality and usability improvements in the latest version of Drupal. We also learned about the sometimes painful process that brings new versions of Drupal to us — thanks Dries, Angie and crew for all your hard work. Needless to say, we can’t wait to dig into Drupal 7.

We learned about open source from Liza at Lullabot, Scrum from the Level Ten crew, and Drush from our friend Bronius. Our very own David Stagg also gave a killer presentation on location-based views in Drupal. There’s no way you could possibly learn more in 50 minutes.

Today, we’re looking forward to learning more about event websites in Drupal, designing with your wonderful clients, and integrating Drupal with social APIs. A few of the Schipulites will be answering questions this morning on managing client expectations using Drupal as their CMS. Be sure to check them out in the Acquia room at 9:30!

Tune in next week for a full recap of the event and everything we learned in this two-day Drupal lovefest.