SXSW V2V – Proprietary to OS: Giving Away $6 Million is Harder than you Think

SXSW V2V DJ by eschipul

What would it take for you to give away $6 Million worth of source code?

What types of road blocks would you expect in the transition from a marketing company with a proprietary  software to an open source software company?

These are questions that our CEO, Ed Schipul explored in his talk at SXSW V2V in Las Vegas where he was invited to speak for the SXSW V2V annual conference.

Big themes that emerged from the talk were cultural perspectives of “open source” vs. “proprietary” thinkers, the value of focus within a company, and serving the client above all else.

You can view Ed’s slides on slideshare at:

Look out soon for the video release of the talk on youtube!