The Reveille Club is Back on Tendenci. Thanks!

As an Aggie I am particularly appreciative of earning a client back. Especially it’s my Aggies! (Whoooop! Class of ’90 myself.) From the press release:

Reveille Club Returns to the Tendenci Platform for Membership and Event Management

HOUSTON, February 3, 2016 –Tendenci (, the software development company spearheading the Tendenci Open Source platform for associations and other nonprofits (NPOs), is proud to release a dynamic membership website for the Reveille Club of Houston.

hire-an-aggie-2016The website,, promotes local networking events for Aggies and non-Aggies alike to build new business relationships in the Houston area.

Tendenci Open Source was released as an open source solution for associations and non-profits to give membership organizations greater freedom and control over their online presence.

The Reveille Club of Houston is focused on building a professional community


Note: This blog post is one of several of us playing a bit of catch-up on posting site releases to our blog as well. We are proud of the work our team and our partners do with Tendenci. Open Source is powerful stuff. It’s like Freedom – it’s a good thing.

Thirty Days of Thanks – Aggieland

In case you missed the release on the Schipul site and all of our extremely excited tweets – Schipul is honored to be number 83 on the Aggie 100 – the list of the top Aggie owned businesses!

Aggie 100 winner
Aggie 100 award winner (photo by Bill Erickson)

I was honored to attend the ceremony not only as a Schipulite – but as an Aggie myself (class of 2007 – Whoop!).

Some interesting facts about this year’s class:

  • Schipul is honored to be on the short list of 12 companies who have made the list for 4 out of the 5 years
  • Our fearless leader Ed Schipul is a class of 1990 Political Science major. The class of 1990 is the most represented class in the 2009 list
  • The 2009 Aggie 100 employ over 10,000 employees and did over 7.6 billion in revenue last year
  • The college of engineering represents over 50% of the list
  • The keynote speaker was A&M track and field coach Pat Henry – who talked about bouncing back in hard times by quoting Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan… until they get hit”

We spent the afternoon at the awards reception, and then spent some quality time bonding at the Dixie Chicken – the most famous bar in College Station. The Chicken is the home of the famous Aggie ring dunk tradition (where Ags christen their rings by dropping them in a pitcher of beer and drinking the whole thing as quickly as possible) – and it’s the location where my parents met in the late 70’s.

Dixie Chicken by eschipul
The Dixie Chicken in College Station

A perfect afternoon enjoying cheese fries and playing dominoes was the cherry on the cake of a great day. I am extremely thankful for Aggieland and the wonderful people in it. A&M is a place like none other and I loved my time there – and the opportunity to go back!

Another huge thanks to Ed for letting me be a part of the tradition!