Google search page gets a facelift

We love seeing well though out updates to tools we use regularly.   Google’s latest search page re-design makes finding the content online you want even even easier.   While many of these features are not exactly new, it’s nice to see them placed a bit more in the forefront so many might be new to you!

Here are a few Google search options to know about – you can click on the image above to blow up our labeled screenshot or watch this handy video to learn from the mouths of Google all-stars themselves:

  1. Universal Search options – the Web is an enormous place and narrowing down what you’d like to search through can make it easier for you to find relevant content.   Search through the entire Web, news items, blogs, images and more.   Your time is valuable and Google is helping you reclaim some of that 🙂
  2. Set your preferred timeframe – if you only want content added recently or want to take a step back in time and look up Web site results from 2009, Google helps you make it happen.
  3. Location location location – given how important location-based marketing is these days, Google lets you   select where your information is coming from and that doesn’t just mean geographically speaking either.   You can also select to search your ‘social circle’ on Google for content, which will pull in links from you Google chat pals and contacts, direct connections linked from your Google profile and even content from your Google Reader feeds.   Learn more about Google Social Search here.
  4. New or re-visited sites, you decide – sometimes you’re hungry for something new and refreshing.   If you don’t want to go back and visit sites Google knows you’ve already visited, you don’t have to.   Here’s to new adventures!
  5. Pick your view, any view– Google even lets you customize your own search results page view:
    1. The Google Wonder Wheel breaks down your search term into different categories or clusters, giving you some more search ideas
    2. Google timeline gives you a different view of search results, for the more linear-minded
    3. Related search gives you extra search ideas that may help you find the information that you need (hey, we could all use a little help now and then)
  6. Something different – Google is pretty darn smart and these ‘something different’ search options might help give you an extra boost into other search possibilities in a similar category of your original search.