Ten Things I Love About Tendenci Updates!

3330871182_0690ae80c3 This week has been a big programming week! We've got a bunch of super cool updates coming for you guys to look forward to that will make your Tendenci powered site even more functional and fun to use…. for both your users and you.

  1. Tendenci sites have gone mobile! They can now have the power to detect mobile browsers and redirect; this will make browsing on the go easy as pie for your user. Check out Reliant Park's mobile site for a great example. 
  2. Want to choose how your albums are sorted in Tendenci? You now have the ability to sort your photo albums in whatever order you want!
  3. We love Numbered Lists and we've incorporated that into our Comments. Counting comments are a thing of the past because now they are numbered! This makes it easier to manage your comments than ever before.
  4. You'll be able to get stats from Google Analytics with ease. Sign up for the SEM Newsletter to get more information on this update later this week!
  5. Wonky User Group Names will soon be a thing of the past. As we move forward we will be substituting the User Group Name with the
    prettier User Group Label used in Custom Contact Forms. 
  6. Tendenci now works with Constant Contact! It's pretty basic for now but we'll be making it more robust in the future. Check out our blog post from last week for more information!
  7. It will be even easier to use the Photo Module to tell your story! When these updates are complete you'll be able to pull the photos from your Tendenci Photo Module to a cool button anywhere on your site you'd like.
  8. The Resume Module and the User Module are no longer tied together. This means you can make the Resumes Module inactive if you aren't using it and it won't affect your Users in the least bit. Contact Support for help!

Read about awesome updates 9 and 10 in this blog post about Calendar Events!!

These updates aren't live yet but will be by the end of the week so get excited! You'll be able to search our helpfiles for more information and as always, you can contact Schipul Support for help.