Tendenci 5.0 coming – leave your thoughts in our Tendenci Forum!

Our Tendenci programming team has some super-exciting HUGE plans in the works for Tendenci this year – we are re-inventing our already super software to make it an even more profitable Web platform for your organization and members.

The sleeker, faster Tendenci 5.0 will migrate to the LAMP (Linus, Apache, MySQL, PHP) open source Web platform.  This transition will still maintain our extreme devotion to Security that we have always had, but with greater scalability and improved data management.

By being part of a vibrant open source community and collaboratively working on a lot of the 'basics' of the Tendenci software, we will be able to spend more time working on cutting edge features like social network integration.  Your Tendenci-driven Web site will be even more effective in the search engines and you'll find your entire site experience to be even more user friendly and beautiful.

So in the months to come, expect to hear more news on Tendenci 5.0.  Change is good – we can't wait to share with you what we've got in store for Tendenci! 

In the meantime, please check out our Tendenci Forums and let us know what kind of functionality YOU want your Tendenci-powered Web site to have.