Tendenci Admin Navigation Gets a New Look Plus Learn When to Upgrade Your Website

We’ve been busy little Web Bees the past week and you’ll find a bunch of new features and updates to your Tendenci websites.  To highlight a few of our recent updates:

  • updated custom forms with the ability to simply drag and drop to rearrange your fields
  • added additional permissions settings to job boards, directories, and memberships
  • opened up our plugin app manager to give Site Admins the ability to manage and add new plugins.  (The first plugin we’ve released for free is our Videos Plugin – Here’s How to Install it!)

Check out all of the latest updates on our Software Updates page, updated weekly.

New Blue Tendenci Admin Navigation Menus!

Last week we surprised our Tendenci Enterprise and Tendenci Community site admins with new Admin Nav Menu colors.  Why? We are working to make it easier for our clients to know what version of the software you are using and your feedback was that the blue was a better color for your websites than the previous red color.

 What Does it Mean?

If your Top Bar Admin Nav Menu is a solid dark blue and looks like this:


… then you are on the Tendenci Enterprise version of our software.  Tendenci Enterprise websites have a custom theme and your software updates and hosting services are managed entirely by Schipul – The Web Marketing Company.

If you have a light blue admin bar that looks like this:

… then you are on the Tendenci Community version of our software.  Tendenci Community websites are virtually identical to Tendenci Enterprise in their software codebase.  The primary difference is that Tendenci Community websites use a template theme instead of a custom theme.  Your software updates and hosting services are managed entirely by us.

If you do not have a top bar Admin menu at all, and when you login you see a dashboard that looks like this:

… then you are on our previous version of Tendenci (Tendenci 4.0).  We released the newest version of Tendenci (Tendenci 5.0) about 18 months ago and we recommend you begin planning to migrate your Tendenci 4.0 website as soon as possible.  We’ve talked about this before in other blog posts and we 100% understand that costs and other factors make the migration a challenge for some of our clients.

To help you with your decision of when to migrate and how to budget for it, we’re offering a free report with personalized details about the costs and timeline involved with migration for your website and organization.  We’ll also include free recommendations on ways you can improve your web marketing now with your current website.

You can learn more about the process of upgrading your website CMS to the latest software version in the recent news article: Tendenci Offers Free Report to Help Answer the Question “Is It Time to Update Your Website?.

What New Changes are on the Horizon?

Great question!  We are always looking at ways to add new features, more functionality, and improve the user accessibility of our Tendenci CMS.  Here are just a few of the awesome updates our programming team has planned this summer to make Tendenci work better for you:

  • Easier application process for your site visitors applying to become Corporate Members
  • Updates to Custom Forms to make this module even more versatile
  • Increased Functionality for Tendenci Community to auto-complete site settings during creation based on sign-up information
  • More ways to manage and organize online invoices and payments made through your Tendenci website payment gateway
  • More Print and Export to PDF options for content on the site like Pages and Membership applications

Want Something Not on the List?

Our products are customer-driven and we keep a priority queue for development based entirely on the features and modules with the most client requests.  Send us your feature suggestions and help us make Tendenci the perfect CMS platform for your organization’s website!

Questions and Comments?

We love to hear from you so please leave your comments below or contact us with your questions!

For our Tendenci 4 clients: I encourage you to complete our Is It Time to Migrate? form if you are wondering whether or not you can afford to upgrade your website or should start setting aside the budget for a new website soon.

Come check out our latest Training Videos on Tendenci’s Memberships ModuleCorporate Memberships, and Tendenci Community set-up.