Tendenci and helpful tools

There is a new section on the Tendenci home page called "Tendenci & Other Tools" where you can find some novice to advanced tools that may help you while using the software. Some of these tools include a style sheet editor for your site and picnik (an online image editing tool).


Author: Glen Zangirolami

Hello world! I am a developer here at Schipul - The Web Marketing Company and I focus on Python (language) and Django (Web framework) although I also program in ASP, PHP, and JavaScript. You may know me from such Movies as Terminator 2, Die Hard, and ... just kidding :) I'll leave you with one of my favorite programmer jokes: A man is flying a small plane and is lost in the clouds. He descends until he spots an office building and yells to a man in an open window, "Where am I?" The man replies, "You are in a plane about 100 feet above the ground". The pilot immediately turns to the proper course, spots the airport, and lands. His astonished passenger asks how the pilot figured out which way to go. The pilot replies, "The answer the man gave me was completely correct and factual, yet it was no help whatsoever, so I knew immediately he was a software engineer who worked for Microsoft, and I know where Microsoft's building is in relation to the airport."