Tendenci Icon-row Redesign

The icon-row has been a staple in our software, giving you quick access to Print, Edit, and many other options depending on what type of content you are working with. While it’s great that you can see your options anywhere you see your content (given that you have permission), we know that the icon-row can be confusing, particularly to new users. While some icons are intuitive – a trashcan means DELETE on any computer system – some of the icons are less obvious.

With that in mind we have created a new format for the icon-row that allows you to more effectively find what options you are looking for and maybe discover a few new ones you never knew existed.

The new icon-row will give you a few simple options (such as Print and Edit), and have a link for More Options that you can click to see the rest of the tools available to you. By using this drop-down menu, we have space to give you descriptive text links with the icons.


The new icon-row is being rolled out on the Articles module today. Soon to follow will be Press Releases, the Jobs Board, and CMS pages.