Tendenci Software Updates February 2nd

We’re excited to share the  following updates to the Tendenci Software this week!

Track how often your files are downloaded form your website with TendenciComing Soon – Tracking Downloads in the Files Module!

This week we laid the ground work in the back end of Tendenci to allow you to track how many times any file in the Files module has been downloaded. This will give admins analytics on how often their files are downloaded and allow them to filter within a certain file type or time period. This is extremely useful for tracking how often your visitors are viewing your content.

The front end interface isn’t completed just yet, but will be soon!

Here is the full list of updates we made this week to the Tendenci software:

Events Module Updates

  • You can now add HTML tags in Speaker descriptions, including links and photos
  • The event month view doesn’t allow views at or before the year 1900 (you can now only keep 112 years of historical calendar events)
  • Screenshot of Registration button in Tendenci 5

    Payment methods, CAPTCHA, register & pay button moved to the bottom of event registration page (see screenshot at right)

Jobs Module Updates

  • You can now add HTML tags in experience, skills, and education fields on jobs
  • The jobs search page now displays Jobs Results more consistently

Users Module Updates

  • You now have more control over how your users are searched including security permissions for user search

Updated User Interface for Old Versions of Internet Explorer

  • We’ve updated the Tendenci tabs to hover over elements in IE7
  • We’ve updated the drag & drop feature in Videos to drag in IE8

Using out of date software means you aren’t getting the latest functionality, and you may be at risk of security threats because that browser is no longer supported. If you’re still using IE7 or IE8, upgrade here!


More to come next week!