Tendenci Update Time Again!

Newiconrow_12Thanks to the lovely programmers we have toiling away here at Schipul, our monthly Tendenci update has just been released.  Here are a few fun things to look forward to:

1.  New Icon Rows

2.  User Imports now features a more robust check of the usernames to prevent duplicate user names from being generate
3.  For our new Tendenci users, we have Introduction Tutorials for getting started with a new Tendenci site on all development sites. 
4.  CMS Display Page URL verification: When a display page URL is typed in, a message will be displayed if a page already exists for that URL.  Right now this is on Add page only but it will soon be added to the Edit page.
5. WYSIWYG Update and the Firefox 3 hyperlink bug has been fixed.
6.  Jobs, Releases, and Calendar Events homepage blocks have now been converted to CSS for custom styling.  Contact you project manager if you would like to change the way they look
7.  The yellow highlighting in the admin view of Catalogs had been removed for a cleaner less confusing look

If you have questions about any of these updates, you can contact Support at 281-497-6567 ext 411 or email them at support@tendenci.com

Thank you again for using Tendenci!!!!!!!